Multi-level function list (Quick Navigation)

  • I’m currently using the Function List to for quick navigation inside a non-code document organized into numerous levels of content. Is there a plugin similar to it that works for more than two levels, eg. instead of

    – Function


    – Subheader1
    ---- Subheader2
    ------ etc?

    Essentially I’m looking for something similar to MS Word’s navigation thing that builds a clickable table of contents with an infinite amount of sub-levels based off what you define as a header (and subheader and so on). It’s also nice in the way that everything is always expanded, and clicking on the headers brings you to the right place in the document, versus how the clicking the Class names only serve to expand or retract its child list in NPP.

    (And the reason I don’t just use Word instead is because NPP has auto syntax highlighting, no startup time, etc.)

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