[New Plugin] AutoCodepage

  • Hello,

    I wrote a new Plugin for Notepad++ called AutoCodepage, s.a. https://sourceforge.net/projects/autocodepage

    Its primary intent is to help batch script developers not to forget to switch to the correct OEM codepage before coding. But I made it fully configurable so that one can use it not only for batch scripts.

    I developed it with Delphi XE2 where it is not possible to compile 64 bit binaries, so for the moment it’s only available as 32 bit version. But I’m able to switch the development platform to Delphi Seattle/XE9 and do the required changes to the Delphi plugin skeleton if there is a strong request for a 64 bit version.

    Have a look and try. Every feedback is appreciated.

    Andreas Heim

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