Opening files in Macintosh and i need in windows

  • Hello there, i have a slight problem in notepad ++, i am trying to edit lines of .iwd files for a server in Call of Duty 4 but when i open the file up in notepad++ it doesn’t show proper text but shows what looks like coding symbols, and when i look to the bottom right of the page it says Macintosh (CR) but i need it in Windows (CR LF)

  • @Paul-Tranter

    Well, Notepad++ has detected that your file has CR (and not CRLF) line-endings. Are you sure you need CRLF? If so, you may convert it in a number of ways, the simplest perhaps being right-clicking (or even double-clicking!) on where it says “Macintosh (CR)”. A menu will pop up allowing you to convert to other types…

    Perhaps the “coding symbols” are an indication that your file is in binary and not text, in which case you are probably heading down the wrong road in trying to edit this file in Notepad++. For a binary file (for which it is very possible that Notepad++ could make a bad guess that it is a Macintosh-encoded file), I would suggest really knowing what you are doing (!) and using the HxD hex editor (

  • according to the internet, the iwd file is compressed

    use 7-zip to open it. it should contain a bunch of files

    or add the .zip extension and then windows can open it (7-zip is easier though)


    copy the file first, and mess with the copy until you learn more about it

    save the original in another place

    internet search states that the file can be corrupted and become unusable

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