User Define Language Extensions - too many causes a crash, but not enough allowed

  • Hi All,

    I have several hundred log files that I would like to automatically be applied with a User Defined Language. The extension of the files range from .1 to .200, however, it would appear that you can only add a certain number of extension into the list box. I have tried editing the Userdefinedlanguage.xml file directly, but this simply case Notepad++ to crash.

    Is there a way to define a RegEx pattern to match?


  • @swinster

    UDL doesn’t understand RegEx yet. But I have provided a script solution here which could be modified
    to your needs.


  • Hey @Claudia-Frank,

    Thanks for the feedback. Having looked at the scripts, I believe that they could indeed be modified. I have tasked myself with understanding Python (for 2017), but the modification of the scripts shouldn’t be too much of a pain. I too use other scripts (PowerShell) to open various files so might need to look at some of the other modifications mentioned too.



  • @swinster

    Maybe it is also worth to create a issue at about the crashes you could create. Think that shouldn’t happen.

  • @cheg, sure will do, although user “intervention” in the XML might be seen as fiddling beyond reasonable control (although I suppose the exception should still be caught and handled).

    FWIW, if you manually keep adding extensions into the Extension box in the UDL dialogue, it will only save back a certain number of these (I got to 87 with another text extension included). It doesn’t stop you from entering more extensions, only that it saves out a limited set.

  • bulk rename your files to the same extension




    or whatever extension you need

    in windows, open cmd window, navigate to your folder

    then use

    rename *.* *.*.txt

    or do a copy command

    copy *.* *.*.txt

    harder to rename back to original filenames, though

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