How to define a UDL Delimiter with spaces

  • Hi All,

    I believe this is similar to the topic at, although perhaps sufficiently different to requires a separate post.

    I have been using the the UDL for my own nefarious purposes, not for syntax highlighting, but rather to highlight event entries in large log files. This, by and large, has worked OK. I am using a Delimiter Open event such as Level="ERROR", that could appear in the middle to a log entry, and a Close of ((EOL)).

    However, I now wish to highlight a single entry that has spaces within in, such that the Open delimiter would be Message="ICE failed event". Of course, this fails as UDL is taking the spaces to mean separate delimiters. I have tried encasing the term in single quotes at various points, but can’t seem to get this to work.

    The term will also actually appear in a line that has had a style applied due to a Level="INFO" delimiter, so I will need to next one inside the other. An example log line would be:

    2016-12-28T04:20:39.039+00:00 node1 2016-12-28 04:20:39,039 Level="INFO" Name="" Message="ICE failed event" Media-type="audio" Stream-id="0" Component-id="RTP" Call-id="237a5bea59f9479f828330183a34a3b4"


  • I take it there is no way to achieve this as yet in Notepad++?

  • @swinster

    what about using operators 2 with something like “ICE failed event”,
    it doesn’t color Message= so.


  • operators & delimiters
    delimiter 1 style

    open: Message="

    close: "

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