[New Plugin] NppEventExec

  • Hello friends and fellow Notepad++ users,

    mostly for my own automation purposes I’ve hacked together a plugin to automatically execute NppExec scripts on Notepad++ events. One such use case is to format source code before a file is saved and compile it after it is saved. I thought it might be useful for others as well so I decided to share it with the world: NppEventExec on GitHub. The functionality is not that new, it can be certainly be done with other plugins as well (LuaScript comes to mind), however there’s a couple of neat additions: e.g. you can block all input to Notepad++ while a script is executing and show a waiting dialog, the scripts are queued if executing multiple rules etc. Besides, it’s coded in pure C just for the fun of it!

    It would be great if someone can provide some feedback and broaden my tunnel vision and reports report an issue :) Perhaps it can grow into something really useful. The creation of rules is still a hassle, but I’m progressing nicely.

    Kind regards,

  • The related discussion in NppExec’s topic at sourceforge:

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