Notepad ++ freezes when I select with the mouse

  • When I select the text with the mouse notepad ++ hangs for a few moments. What should I do? I’m using Windows 10, this started happening a month ago or so, I uninstalled the recent updates from windows but the problem continues.

  • see the settings, maybe notepad++ saves too fast. But, I still think it is not about notepad++. try a different editor, to test.

  • I think it is not a problem with notepad ++, but there is a problem with some windows drive or dell, but I do not know how to detect this problem.
    Is there any software that I can identify conflicts in windows?

  • @Guilherme-Saldanha

    the swiss army knife in this case is sysinternals procmon.
    It can record many many events which happen while starting/executing a program.
    But it can’t really detect driver issue - it can give some hints but can’t really identify it.
    If it is driver related, (maybe video driver update?) you would need to use tools like
    windbg, ollydbg etc… but here we start doing deep hacking, means you need to have
    a very very good understanding what is going on under the hood.


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