Caret not moving to end of blank line

  • Hi, this is only a really minor issue, but it does bug me sometimes. If I enter a new line, then put some white space (i.e. a tab), then press enter again for another new line (I often like to create extra white space before I start typing in code above/in-between existing code to separate things off), then go back up to the previous line, the caret will end up right at the start of that line (before all tabs/white space), whereas I’d like it to end up at the end of the line. I used to use Notepad++ some months ago and don’t remember this ever happening.

    I’m using the NppAutoIndent plugin set to “Previous line” (none of these settings seem to change this behaviour). (I don’t really like Notepad++’ s default auto-indent functionality, I like to always have manual control over tabs.)

    Any ideas what could be causing this/how I could change it?

  • @Andrew

    actually I don’t have that behavior using npps builtin autoindent feature
    so it looks like the plugin is causing it.


  • I just re-downloaded nppautoindent and the problem seems to be solved, so… sorry lol ^_^

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