How can I mark a column with the keyboard?

  • Hi all.
    I want to mark text in certain columns.
    I can do this by holding down the Alt key whilie marking text with the mouse
    I can use the Shift+Alt key with the keyboard.

    I am usually working with large files with + 10 000 rows so I want to be able to use the key
    combination Ctrl + Shift+ Down arrow to mark all rows in a specific column.

    I guess that I should press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Downarrow but that does not work.

    Any ideas??

    BR Måns

  • @Måns-Thelander

    The way to handle that is to use the Begin/End Select feature. Go to one end of where you want your desired selection to be. Invoke Begin/End Select (via Edit menu or shortcut keycombo). Move to the other end of the desired selection and invoke the command again. To get a column-selection, I use Shift+Alt+“an-arrow” to highlight one character (the last one in the desired selection) in a column-block BEFORE invoking the second Begin/End Select; otherwise you get a stream block which isn’t what you’ve said you wanted.

  • Thanks a lot. It´s working :-)

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