Convert text from ASCII to OEM

  • Hello!

    So far I’m using a very old version of editpad to convert text from ASCII to OEM and v.v.

    Now I need to convert from UTF-8 to OEM. The new version of editpad is capable of converting about any coding to any other. But it is pretty expensive …

    On first sight I’ve thought that notepad++ has the same capabilities, but taking a closer look it seems, that note-pad++ can only VIEW textfiles in different encodings.

    Conversion is only possible within a very small range of encodings – no OEM-Version…

    Did I miss something? Any addon, that would be helpful.

    Thank you

  • I don’t see the Encoding > Convert To... for any OEM, but the Encoding > Character Sets ▶ sub-menus have plenty of different OEM character sets … When I put some Unicode characters in a UTF-8 document and then change to one of those sets, I can definitely see that NPP re-interprets what’s there. But I doubt that’s what you want.

    My guess is that what you want could be done using the PythonScript plugin. I did a quick search for “python convert UTF-8 to OEM”, and found this StackOverflow question, which shows some examples of using text.decode('cp437').encode('utf8')… which could probably be extrapolated to newText = text.decode('utf8').encode('cp###'), where ### is the OEM-Version, and the variable text came from the document (see PythonScript documentation for how to grab the contents of the file); then you would write newText back into the document.

    Sorry for the lack of details; I am not a python programmer, so cannot just write it off the cuff (though there are some in this forum who probably could). If it were my problem to solve, I would follow the hints from that SO question, and read in the PythonScript documentation for how to get the document text into a python variable, and v.v. One of the Python / PythonScript experts on the forum could probably fill in the details without too much difficulty (or possibly tell us that there’s a much simpler way to do it).

  • Hello Conrad,

    Whatever the method that you’ll, finally, use to convert any UTF-8 encoded text to a specific OEM encoded text, just be sure that ALL the characters, in your original UTF-8 file, belongs to the 256 characters set of that specific OEM code-page !

    Indeed, any OEM encoded character can be correctly written, after conversion to the UTF-8 encoding. But the opposite is NOT TRUE :-((

    Best Regards


  • Thank you Peter!

    … see that NPP re-interprets what’s there. But I doubt that’s what you want.

    Exactly ;-)

    What you’ve said about the PythonScript sounds good, but , sorry, too complicated for me. I’m not an IT-Expert, just a slightly advanced user… If there is no readymade plug-in/add-on available it’s probably much easier to pay the money for Edit Pad Pro.


    Thank you too, but I’m aware of that

    Kind regards,

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