How can i use HTML and CSS in the same document?

  • Hello, i decided to make a website using notepad++ for the first time. Now i’m quite new to coding in HTML and CSS but i thought they could be used in the same document, however when i tested the first part of my code it didn’t work. I have put my CSS code in script tags so i’m confused why its not working. Would you please help me sort out my problem?

  • @LunaWolf

    Sorry, this is not a Notepad++ question, so this is the wrong place to ask this.

    This is like writing a novel using Microsoft Word, having a publisher reject it, and then you asking Microsoft what was wrong with your book. :-)

  • I don’t see ow this is not a notepad++ question. So ill rephrase it. Is there a way to have HTML code and CSS code in one document together rather than having to write them separately then import it?

  • I do maintain that it is not a Notepad++ question. It is a question about the CONTENT of a file you can create with any text editor. But, in the spirit of trying to be helpful, there might be something of use at the link below (don’t really know, I’m not into HTML/CSS):

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