file with greek characters in windows 10

  • In win 10, Notepad correctly reads and renders a file with a mixture of English & Greek text, but NPP fails to render the Greek no matter what charset it is configured to use.

    Example: NPP renders Εκτυπωτικά as little squares, even though when I paste the result here, it’s correc.

    How do I get round this?

  • Sounds like your default font for NPP doesn’t include the characters.

    Preferences > Style Configurator > Global Styles > Default Style > Font Style = select a different font.

    I use DejaVu Sans Mono (, which has a lot of (IMHO) nice-looking Unicode characters. But there are plenty of other choices, as well. (Source Code Pro, EversonMono, and STIX are other font-families I’ve heard of that have monospace versions and good Unicode coverage.)

  • Thanks so much, I was using BitStream Mono, DejaVu Mono fixed it.

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