TXT document how to add clickable link to a local intranet network directory

  • HI.

    Notepadd++7.3.1 long term basic user.
    Trying to add a clickable link to a local network location directory.

    ie its a normal text document “big.txt” named.
    inside there is a url link in text for instance to a network location
    ie \server\directory\subdirectory that I want to be able to make a clickable link to then open the location in an exploirer window. I have fried file:///// (yes 5 forward slashes and converted all spaces to %20 and all backslashes to forward slashes but cant get the correct recognition.

    Any ideas. thanks.

  • @minsikau



  • thanks for that re the file.
    I want to open the directory instead of the specific file and tried the same syntax but it doesnt seem to work.

    ie file://///server/directory/subdirectory
    tried “file://///server/directory/subdirectory” too.

  • Appears to work on home pc windows 10 64bit just fine but work laptop 32bit windows 7 doesnt.
    Will retry and see why a difference.
    thanks for good reply Claudia.

    exact url
    works on windows 10. will send file to work and try it there and see if it even attempts to open it.

  • thanks for the pointers. Nearly there.
    if the link looks like this
    file://\\little nsw\
    it works in run/start area ie explorer but in Notepad++ the link k recognition stops at the first space. If I change that space to %20 the link extends across the whole address but then it doesnt open explorer.

    Any following ideas?

  • I think I have it sorted.
    Now i am using this which works by using the file:// followed by server IP address followed by folders but any space must be replaced with %20 otherwise Notepad++ doesnt recognise the whole as a link.

  • @minsikau

    that is url standard encoding. Spaces needs to be percent escaped.
    See https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986#page-12 for more information.


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