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  • 1- If I open many (20-30) files at one time, how sorted this opened files by NAME or EXTENSION in NP++? How do this?

    2- Sometimes when open files, NP++ not aoutoidentify CHARSET of text files (windows 1251, UTF-8 w B, cyrilick). Whot I must configure to make work this correctlly? (Option for “autoid.” is ON!

    With respect

  • @ДаК-Студіо

    1. I assume you are looking for menu->window->windows
    2. there is no reliable way to autodetect encodings - search the forum
      for encoding you will see what I’m talking about.


  • Good time of day, Claudia!
    1 - REAL THX!!! HELPED, but:
    -sort only in view, when back to EDIT - files have orders list how before( (virtual sorting);
    - in view windows - dont rmeber last choose sorted Type (.

    2 - But in 5.* NP++ it was work normall :(
    Not good

    At all - thankyou very mach!)

    With respect

  • Lance,

    regarding 1) did you press the “sort tabs” button after pressing the column to do the virtual sorting?
    concerning 2)
    also in npp5 there were issues. The main issue is that you cannot identify the encoding of a file
    just by looking at the bytes savely as encodings do share parts of there range with other encodings.
    So in order to be 100% sure what encoding a file uses it must made be sure that there is no
    overlapping of this ranges at all and this is not the case and I guess never will be the case.

    Npp uses mozialls chardet library to autoidentify which encoding is used. This library does not only take
    into account how chars are encoded but also how they are combined to see if it can, more or less,
    find out what is the best guess. This doesn’t work always.
    If we talk about files you create then you might think about using unique chars at the beginning of the file
    to help chardet library to identify your used encoding.

    Or, start using utf-8 encoded files only.


  • Good time, Claudi!
    1 My inattention-“AAA-opsss”- sorry - not see that- now it’s WORK! THX!!!
    2 I read, as you suggested.
    In practice, this problem found after placing the server editable files in NP ++ (6.x). Prior to that, they also edited NP ++, but no problems. I thought that changed the default settings and just need to set it up. That’s the story)

    Grateful for tips
    and assistance!!!

    With respect

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