How can I organize encodings displayed in menu?

  • I extensively use encodings not displayed in the top level of the Encoding menu. I can access them through submenus, which is unnecessarily awkward. Is there a way (other than recompiling) to edit the Encoding menu and display encodings I choose?

    I would settle with for example adding them to context menu via the xml, but encoding “command ids” are even not in the file Is there a reasonably simple way to quickly access certain encodings?

  • @comodoro

    maybe by assigning a shortcut to the ones most often used?
    Settings->Shortcut Mapper->MainMenu …

  • @Claudia-Frank A good suggestion, although I do not use keyboard shortcuts much. Names of encodings are even in the shortcut mapper. I do not understand the way the program changes encodings though. I have read, but the behavior seems quite chaotic.

  • @comodoro

    I’ve read it now two times and have to agree, it isn’t very descriptive.
    I would treat it like this,

    everything under Character sets is for viewing only means,
    if you open a file it doesn’t show all characters correctly is might be that
    you need to use a different charset to make it work (presuming that there isn’t
    a font issue).

    If you want to change the encoding from ANSI to one of the unicode
    types or vice versa than use either convert… or encode…

    Concerning the reordering of encodings I don’t see how this could be achieved
    other than recompiling the source.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    I thought the same (viewing only), but then there are the exceptions mentioned on the page, that the underlying file is changed under some circumstances.

    I would actually prefer a command that changes only displayed characters only if they cannot be displayed in the new encoding (and marks the file for subsequent saves in a certain way, and marks the file changed), no immediate saving would be needed. And the Convert command would not be needed then (as I could just save the file). And while I am at it, ANSI is not an encoding name - I assume it means system codepage, which can be different from computer to computer.

    I will have a look at the github project and consider asking there.

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