Cannot get to properly change encoding

  • Hi
    I have a document supposedly in UTF-8 with Hebrew characters that I want to process in other windows applications.

    I get to see the Hebrew by choosing “Encode in UTF-8” but some characters do not display properly. It seems some specific letters are not converted.
    When I “Convert to Ansi” I get a wrong conversion for these characters.

    Your help will be appreciated.

  • @Marcos-Szeinuk

    I assume that the font used in npp isn’t able to show all symbols.
    Try a different one.
    Settings->Style Configurator->Global Styles (either Default style or global override)->change font


  • Hebrew and ANSI don’t mix.

    Assuming your document is indeed UTF-8 you should:

    1. Open it with NPP. Make sure Hebrew letters show. Make sure NPP shows UTF-8 in status bar.
    2. Convert to UCS-2 Little Endian which is the most common unicode encoding for Windows since this is what Windows uses internally. So hopefully your target app can use it. Otherwise learn what your target app expect. If it is an old DOS-days/non-unicode app you would need one of the Character Sets --> Hebrew --> … encodings
    3. Save as the name you want.

  • Claudia and gstavi - Thanks for your answers

    Finally I managed a workaround by saving fist the utf-8 data file as .xls (which I could), opening excel and saving as .csv and then open in npp and “convert to ansi” - other ways exchanged some letters - but somehow this worked with no missing or exchanged letters.

    Thanks again

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