Regular request { .* }

  • Help formulate correctly search request to search all in function SkinMesh between {…}
    except other function ClientAnimationController, Lights…

    extends “”

    skeleton = “”

    skin = “”


  • SoundEvents.\n{.*?}

  • SoundEvents.\n\{.*?\}

  • Hello, Victor,

    I think that a possible solution would be :


    Notes :

    • This first part of the regex is called a look-behind. It’s a condition that must be true, in order to valid the overall regex. but it will not be part of the final match. So the regex engine looks for the string SkinMesh, followed by the two End of Line characters CR + LF.

    • If the string, above may be found, it, then, matches an opening brace character, followed by the shortest range of any character, even on several lines, till an ending brace character

    Best Regards,


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