[REGEX] Remove a section from a list.

  • Hey =)
    i have a big list of clan members, everything is like:


    I just want now to remove the “@Email.com” part in the whole list. From @ to the next : can anything be deleted. Problem is, there are many different email providers, so i cant just replace every one :-/. But i need the Email Name to generate a tournament Email just not the “@EmailProvider.com”
    Help would be amazing.

  • @(?:[^.]+)\.COM #case insensitive

  • Hello, Dafug Xerath,

    Just to show that several regexes can achieve the same S/R, here is a second solution :

    • Open your file in Notepad++

    • Open the Replace dialog ( CTRL + H )

    • In the Find what: field, type in @(?:.+?)(?=:)

    • Leave the Replace with: EMPTY

    • Select the Regular expression search mode

    • Finally, click on the Replace All button

    Et voilà !

    NOTES :

    • This regex looks, first, for the literal character @.

    • At the end of the regex, the part (?=:), called a look-ahead, is a condition, that means that the overall match must be followed by a literal colon :.

    • So, the inner middle part, .+?, tries to match the shortest range of any character between the @ character, included and the : character, excluded.

    • The symbol + is a quantifier that means a maximum of characters, from 1 to n and the symbol ?, after the quantifier +, forces the regex engine to select the minimum range of any character, between the limits @ and :

    • As this range of characters is included in the syntax (?: .... ), this means that the range, of each line, will NOT be stored for later use, either in the Find or Replace regexes.

    • Finally, as the Replace dialog is empty, this range is just deleted, from each line !

    Beware : if you prefer to use the abelfourier’s search regex, the correct regex is, obviously :


    You’ll have to uncheck the Match case option

    Best Regards,


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