How do I adjust font style and font size???

  • I was quite happy with the old Microsoft NotePad for years, so I was eager just now to download a supercharged version of Notepad and, for the most part, I am quite satisfied with Notepad++ right now.

    However, I’m unable to find any options in Notepad++ to change the style and the size of the font. Notepad++ is such an improvement on the original that I just can’t believe that such an obvious option in Notepad was left out of Notepad++, So can someone please tell me how to adjust the font on Notepad++?? Thanks !!! … Joe Kulik …

  • @Art-Curator

    In the most basic sense, see Settings (menu) -> Style Configurator. Select “Global Styles” in the Language list, and “Global override” in the Style list. Then, on the right, you should see “Font name” and “Font size” and I think you can guess what to do from there.

    Those are just the baby steps of this type of configuration… :-D

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