Notepad++ Plugin Manager does not support keyboard control

  • I can’t close the plugin manager without a mouse, so now I can’t use Notepadd++ anymore. Does anyone know how I could solve this issue? (without resorting to using a mouse :p)

  • Alt-F4?

  • Other solutions include (a) getting a mouse(!?) -OR- (b) pressing Tab until the Close button gets double emphasis and then pressing Enter or the spacebar (I notice when it gets single emphasis the http link for nexinto has a dashed box encircling it, so pressing Enter or space at that point will run the link; pressing Tab some more will finally move the “dash focus” to Close).

    Notepad++ isn’t alway keyboard-friendly when it comes to tasks that are typically thought of as “mouse” tasks. This (Plugin Mgr close) isn’t a great example because, as pointed out, Alt+F4 works. A better example is the Find dialog box, where, after invoking it for “Find”, there is no keyboard way of moving to the “Replace” tab without closing the dialog and reopening. :(

  • which operating system do you use?

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