[New Plugin] MarkdownViewer++

  • @nea ,

    Thank you very much for that great tool ! Although I am already happy and have gotten more than I expected, I will gladly follow any improvement. One very little improvement for new users may be to set the “synchronize” checkmark to “on” as default, ;-) .

  • Hi everyone

    After a long idle period (really sorry about that) I just updated to 0.8.0:

    • Changed CommonMark converter to Markdig to support more custom Markdown syntax such as Pipe Tables etc.
    • Updated PDFSharp and HTMLRenderer.PDFSharp accordingly (custom compilation, not in NuGet for the moment as HTMLRenderer has to merge my PR first!)
    • Updated the NPP.net Plugin Template

    You can find the newest release at https://github.com/nea/MarkdownViewerPlusPlus/releases/tag/0.8.0

    Regarding all the issues: I have not forgotten about them but have to find the time and will get onto them ^^


  • Heyho

    An unfortunate old bug stumbled back into release 0.8.0 why I just released a small update:

    • Fixed a bug cutting off text after 10000 characters
    • Changed parsing of custom CSS to recognize @import statements and have them lead

    You can find the newest release at https://github.com/nea/MarkdownViewerPlusPlus/releases/tag/0.8.1

    Really sorry about that