the compare function is failing. only a ctrl+f finds this exact duplicate

  • looks to me like compare randomly fails?? found many similar and exacts, but not this one. results of a ctrl f:
    found in file a:
    Angler Exploit Kit Redirection

    found in file b:

    Angler Exploit Kit Redirection
    Angler Exploit Kit Landing Page
    Angler Exploit Kit Landing Page URL
    Angler Exploit Kit Redirection

    im going to delete everythign besides the anger exploit kit redirection and try again, but to the human eye these are identical. cannot use this program if buggy, this is security.

    thanks, for any tips you may have. might have to learn the compare feature in xl. bummer.


  • @Dave-Lafontaine

    To obtain help here, you need to be able to write a coherent, understandable question. Yours makes little if any sense. If you work in the computer security realm, I hope you put more care into that work than you did with your post. I also hope you rephrase your inquiry, because there are people here that can and will help, if they can understand what you need.

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