Several plugin updates

  • LanguageHelp and OpenSelection plugins have been updated to fix a bug corrupting the Edit menu in recent versions of NPP.

    AutoSave plugin was updated to allow to save a time stamped copy of current file content.

    You can download x32 and x64 versions here:

  • @Franco-Stellari250 could you add/mention the new version number of each plugin for future reference?


  • Just released a new version of LanguageHelo, MenuIcons, OpenSelection that further improves the detection of the context menu for people that customize it significantly.

    LaguageHelp 1v172
    MenuIcons 1v22
    OpenSelection 1v12

    You can download x32 and x64 versions here:

  • Hello Franco,

    Thank you for fixing the context-menu issue. I appreciate it.

    Best regards.

  • Hi Franco,
    thank you for you plugins and also to maintain them alive.
    Do you have any plan to add in the open selection plugins the function to open relative path instead of only absolute path?
    To explain myself:
    I have two files:
    In file1.txt is coded the relative path to file2.txt as “./include/file2.txt”
    OpenSelection v1.12 does not open the relative path if selected (but it does open the file if i change manually the code in: c:\dir1\dir2\dir3\project\include\file2.txt).
    do you have plans to add this functionality?
    with n++x86 i was using quickopen plugin to do this but is not updated since a while.
    Again thank you for all you work.

  • Sorry for the request, i just discovered it is integrated in N++ in the context menu.
    Thank you

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