User-Defined Language | Problem with Code Folding

  • Hi there!

    I set up a user defined language for maxscript and so far i have everything working except code folding.

    Code example:

    		--- loop each state
    		for thestate in allstates do
    			--- restores a scenestate by name
    			sceneStateMgr.RestoreAllParts thestate
    			-- what values are saved in it?
    			statebitarray = sceneStateMgr.GetParts thestate
    			--- set layer status to hidden or not
    			myLayer = LayerManager.getLayerFromName layername
    			myLayer.on = theswitch
    			if updatenested then
    				-- handle children
    				layerRT = mylayer.layerAsRefTarg
    				for a=1 to layerRT.getNumChildren() do
    					childlayer = layerRT.getChild a
    					childlayer.on = mylayer.on
    			-- save scene state with the same name
    			sceneStateMgr.Capture thestate statebitarray

    What i would like to achieve is code folding the nested brackets. If i set up the UDL for folding with
    Open: (
    Close: )
    the folding looks like this:

    Is there a way to fix this?
    Folding by intendation would also be fine, although when researching it, it kinda seemed to me like that’s a python exclusive thing.

  • @Lukas-Kiefer

    Your example works for me.
    By any chance do you use non-windows eol?
    Recently one reported an issue when using unix eols.

    Yes, you are right, UDL cannot use indention for folding.


  • Okay thank you. I tried changing the eol but it didn’t help.

    I figured it out by myself. Problem causing my issue was i set the Close on line comments to ((EOL)).
    Somehow that caused code folding on some line comments.

    Now that i have that working i have one more question.

    Functions are defined like this:
    fn updatelayertoscenestates layername mode:1 updatenested:true = (return true)

    Is it possible to style the optional parameters (The ones followed by “:”)?

    Cheers and thank you for helping me

  • I understand that, from your example, you want to have the 1 and the word true colored.
    No, I don’t think it is possible using the current udl version.


  • Hi, no that’s not what i mean.
    I’d like to have the “mode:” and “updatenested:” colored. Basically every word ending on “:”.


  • @Lukas-Kiefer

    Quick update as I’m on the run, maybe using a delimiter
    Open fn
    Close =
    and allowing nesting?
    Assuming that function name function definition and parameters
    are part of keywords, numbers etc…


  • Hi Lukas,

    I am sharing a User Defined Language setup for Maxscript on my webpage if you want.
    I found it on the web a long time ago and use it regularly. It is not perfect though, so I am currently asking for help in order to see the functions in the Functions Lister panel (another thread in this forum).

    I didn’t found how to set up the folding blocks eithers unfortunately.

    Hope this helps,


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