Can Notepad++ warn me when it is wrapping around to top of file?

  • When searching for text, I see that you can configure Notepad++ to “wrap around” to the top of the file. Very handy. Is there an option for it to alert me when it does that? Maybe by opening up a alert box?

    Sometimes I wrap around to the top of the file without realizing it.

  • @Rick-Silva

    If you are doing this search with the Find dialog open, the “status bar” of that dialog will get some green text when the wrap-around occurs (maybe not so noticeable). If you are doing the search with the find-next or find-previous commands with the Find dialog closed, the Notepad++ window title bar and frame will flash briefly when the wrap-around happens (much more noticeable – you’ve never seen it do this?).

  • Cool. It does flash. Thanks for the help!

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