Use notepad++ to run python in the same IDLE

  • I am using following run command in Notepad++ to run python script in IDLE (Python 3.6)
    <file_path>\idle.bat -r “$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)”
    However, this opens a new Python shell everytime I run the script.
    How can I make python script run in the existing Python shell?

  • @Amol-Deshmane

    The simple answer is that your workflow doesn’t make a lot of sense, at least to some of us…

    Search for this text “What I always wonder is why would one edit a python file in notepad++ and then want to start it using idle?” in this thread:

    …to try to understand why.

  • Even if we leave aside the question of using Idle to run a script from Npp, my original question pertains to a different issue that whenever I run python from Notepad++ even using python.exe it opens a new window. Has anyone encountered a similar issue ? If yes how can I make the code run in the existing shell? I’d appreciate some pointers.

  • @Amol-Deshmane

    Why do you need to have it in the same console?
    For reference? If so, NppExec provides functions for saving last output.
    See NppExec help.
    If it is for different reason we need to know what you do to see if this can be done
    or not.


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