Search -> Jump Up/Down -> Find Style

  • I have been unable to figure out what these menu commands do; can someone enlighten me?

    Search (menu) -> Jump Up -> Find Style

    and probably very similar:

    Search (menu) -> Jump Down -> Find Style

  • It’s allows you to navigate easily between words marked with style 1/2/3/4 or 5.
    This is my favorite feature of NPP
    Example of marked word:

  • @cmeriaux

    Interesting. Invoking these commands has never done anything for me, even when having text marked with style #1 - #5. Is there anything more to it, that maybe I’m not doing right?

  • there is no trick to use this command. This is like a “find next” or “find previous” on marked word

  • @cmeriaux

    Thanks for your persistence in answering, but I still don’t see any effect from this command. When I tried it before your last post, I was doing it without a selection active (what I think you mean by “marked”). However, trying that again now with a selection active still has no effect (no caret movement when I invoke “Find Style”). Note that if I attempt to Jump Up or Down to a specific style number (#1 - #5 versions of the Jump Up/Down command), it works fine to take me to the previous/next text marked with that specific style number.

    So I’m still left wondering what “Find Style” actually does, or why it doesn’t work for me. Logically, I would think it would jump to ANY styled text, but…

    Any other ideas, as I’d really like to understand this, since we’ve gone this far.

    BTW, using N++ 7.2.2 32-bit, but this has been the same when I’ve tried it in earlier versions as well, at least since 6.7.*

  • Sorry I misunderstood your original question. I don’t have the answer but I’m curious. I’ll check in the code

  • Hi Alan and All,

    To my mind, the answer seems so easy that I think, as cmeriaux, that I misunderstand your question, too ! Anyway, it give it a try …

    • Open, for instance, the N++ “license.txt” file

    • Open the Mark dialog ( Search > Mark… )

    • Type, for instance, software in the Find what: zone

    • Click on the Mark All button

    => All instances of the string "software" should get highlighted, in red

    Then, using the Search > Jump Down > Find style ( CTRL + 0 ) OR the Search > Jump up > Find style ( CTRL + SHIFT + 0 ), you should move to the next / previous red marked occurrence of the string software :-) Et voilà !

    Best Regards,


  • @guy038

    Well, there it is…the answer. Thank you, Mr Guy. For years I have semi-wondered about what these “mystery commands” actually did.

    I am glad to have the answer, but I am still mind-blown as to how you knew that that’s what these command did. It is entirely unobvious to me that “Find Style” would do what it actually does. The simple addition of one word to it would go a long way towards making it obvious: “Find Marked Style”!

    Also I’d like to note that @cmeriaux did indeed hold the answer when he said earlier "This is like a “find next” or “find previous” on marked word", but I don’t think that at the time he or I really understood that “marked” meant truly “(red)marked”. Or, maybe he did and I just confused him with my followup.

  • Hello Alan,

    Can’t remember, exactly, how and when I understood the purpose of the Find Style jump commands. I suppose it came to my mind, after looking at the Style Configurator dialog, in Settings ! Indeed :

    • Choose the menu option Settings > Style Configurator…

    • In the Language drop-down list, select the first choice Global styles

    • In the Style list, you should notice the consecutive lines :

      • Find Mark Style ( with a Red background color )

      • Mark Style 1 ( with a Light Blue background color )

      • Mark Style 2 ( with an Orange background color )

      • Mark Style 3 ( with a Yellow background color )

      • Mark Style 4 ( with a Dark Blue background color )

      • Mark Style 5 ( with a Dark Green background color )

    Et voilà !



  • @guy038 thanks for your answer that is as good as your reputation is.

    @Alan-Kilborn I knew the answer, then I forgot, then and answered you accidentally.
    I used to use “Mark” a lot, now I don’t. I only use the “Find style”. In the Npp core, it’s the same things

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