Launching a plugin when ++ startsup

  • Hi,

    I’d like ++ to open then launch the compare plugin, is this possible?

    At the moment its being from within excel with 2 files;
    s = Shell(sNotePadPath & Sheets(“Settings”).Range(“sourceDir”) & sFileName)

    Thanks for the help


  • @Simon-Mehnert

    npp, afaik, doesn’t have a builtin way to do what you want but depending on
    your installation it is possible solve the problem with plugins for example
    npp_exec (advanced option->run script at startup) or
    pythonscript or luascript plugin registering a callback for READY or BUFFERACTIVATED notification.

    I assume the code you posted is VBA and Shell seems to return something.
    If this is the handle, can’t you do something like sending a keystroke to that handle?


  • Thankyou, I did use the sendkeys in the end…

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