Keyboard shortcut CTRL+ & (azerty kb)

  • Hello,

    Is there a way to bind CTRL+& in notepad++ ?
    I want to use it as a replacement to CTRL+1 (works well on qwerty but not on azerty) for switching betweens files/tabs.
    I’m using an azerty keyboard and it seems impossible with the default shortcup mapper menu.

    Of course I also want to bind “CTRL+é” for the 2nd tabs etc…

    Thanks for the help

    Best regards

  • @Yannouu
    Not sure, but good chance that editing shorcuts.xml in your user’s Application Data\Notepad++ will do the trick.
    It looks like that:

        <Shortcut id="41003" Ctrl="yes" Alt="no" Shift="no" Key="115" />

    You need to identify the ID which i the action. For that you can observe its current state, make arbitrary change in the GUI Shortcut Mapper to the action you want to modify and see what changed.
    Knowing the ‘Key’ code is more tricky. Not sure exactly what it stands for and don’t have the time to lookup the source. I think it is some internal enumeration of Scintilla or Notepad++. I hope it covers the non-querty keys you need.
    After you edit it you will probably need to restart Notepad++.

  • If you download the Notepad++ source code, there is a file called keys.h in the …/PowerEditor/src/ directory which contains the hex values which correspond to the decimal (which makes it harder!) Key= values in your shortcuts.xml file.

    The file called menuCmdID.h in the same folder can be of help with the ID= values. Also scintilla.h in the …/scintilla/include/ directory.

    At one time @guy038 was attempting to compile all of this information together in a document (see I wonder if he ever found a good place to post the results…

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