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  • Hi,

    First of all, apologies for my level of English. I’ll try to explain the problem as best as possible.

    I want to create a shortcut to find directly the last text that I searched in previous sessions. I tried with a macro, but it doesn’t worked (the macro saves the word “users” directly, not saved it using variable, so it always search the same text when I execute the macro).

    <Macro name=“test” Ctrl=“yes” Alt=“yes” Shift=“yes” Key=“84”>
    <Action type=“3” message=“1700” wParam=“0” lParam=“0” sParam="" />
    <Action type=“3” message=“1601” wParam=“0” lParam=“0” sParam=“users” />
    <Action type=“3” message=“1625” wParam=“0” lParam=“0” sParam="" />
    <Action type=“3” message=“1702” wParam=“0” lParam=“768” sParam="" />
    <Action type=“3” message=“1701” wParam=“0” lParam=“1” sParam="" />

    Any other way to seach directly (without using Ctrl+F) the last text searched (in previous sessions)?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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