Run notepad++ from commandline and run base64 encoding plugin with filename as argument

  • I am having problems running notepad++ via autoit as its not runnin it and opening the file that I send as an argument.
    What I’m wanting to do is open a file with notepad++ then selecting all its conteents and doing a base64 conversion and saving it in the same directory as a.base64 file type or.txt. If I do some sort of a macro - I’d like to know how to do this via the windows cmd as I’m trying to automate a set of .xml files in a library by calling the cmd for each file in the directory.

    Can anyone help me? I created a short cut that opens the plugin to do the conversion but so far I’m having problems opening up notepad++ with a file…


  • Maybe a dedicated command tool like

    is more suited for your needs.

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