Named pipe server under Pythonscript

  • Hello. What are the chances that anyone has implemented a named-pipe-server using ctypes under Pythonscript? Probably extremely low, but…if you have maybe you can offer me some advice.

    I’m basically trying to get this server/client example code going:
    It works “normally” (with its sample client), meaning when run using non-Pythonscript Python.

    But when I try it under Notepad++'s Pythonscript, odd things (hangs, huge delays) seem to happen after this line is executed in the server:
    fConnected = windll.kernel32.ConnectNamedPipe(hPipe, None)

    I’m not sure why this is, as I would think that this Python should be very much the same as other Python implementations when it comes to this. Thanks in advance for any help, but I feel it is probably a very long shot that I’ll get any. :)

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    never tried using named pipes, prefer using sockets.
    From the code itself I can’t see any obvious pitfall other than
    “how to stop the server in a safe way”.
    Did you try the code without any other python script active?
    How did you start client and server? Obviously not via python script
    plugin at the same time.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    Ah, Claudia! Always the one with the good ideas. I could look into sockets to do the communication I’m desiring, as a fallback plan. I think you’ll remember asking me if I had any more difficult Pythonscript things a couple of weeks ago–maybe this qualifies.

    Anyway, when something doesn’t work, I get curious as to why, so while I can give sockets a try, I’m still curious about the named pipe server running in PS. BTW, I did get it to run under PS as a named pipe client, but my overall design is better for what I’m doing if PS runs the server.

    So, OK, here we go…answers to your questions: I had nothing else running in PS when trying the server stuff out. My plan was to get the server started in PS, then run a client from something other than PS…for example, a plain old CMD.exe window. Since I couldn’t get the server to start, running the client was irrelevant, but I know you are asking because I might be doing something questionable like running both from PS.

    Can you try the server code? Should be easy to try because I don’t think I changed it at all from what is on that website before running it.

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    Copy and paste (reformatted line breaks) from activestate.
    Server via python script and client via nppexec
    As you see, I run the client 5 times and the message appeared immediately.
    Still can work with npp without delay/freezing.

    Can you execute commands in the console when running the server?
    How do you start it via Python Script menu? Or via a proxy script and execfile?
    Other different way?

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