hide - unhide lines problem

  • hi,

    there is a bug

    when you

    1. hide the squiggle brackets of some function
    2. hide the lines which already include the hidden squiggle brackets
    3. unhide the hidden lines

    you have a problem:
    in this case the hidden squiggle brackets do not remain hidden
    they open themselves without your confirm

    but the editor still consider the already unhidden block as hidden
    (so remains the line and the plus sign instead of minus)

    illustrated here: http://ingrosso.comli.com/
    os : Windows 10
    Notepad++ build: v7.3.2.

    (under Windows 7 this problem didn’t exist)

  • Which file type is affected?
    Maybe also a issue of the underlying scintilla lexer which is responsible to determine the foldable sections.
    Could you reproduce it with just one file or more?
    Is it independent of the filetype?

    On Win10 with a .cpp file I don’t see this effect.

  • @chcg
    It doesnt depend on file type. It reproduces every time with all files and all types of files (.php .txt .cpp - any extension; It doesnt make any difference). Under Windows 7 this problem didn’t exist. It has appeared under Windows 10. Maybe only under my Windows 10 the program shows this particular defect. I don`t know. But if not, this bug must have interested the developers

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