the character " && " is invisible in bash scripts

  • Good day,

    if I edit some shell script, or just apply the “shell” type to some file containing the construction
    somecommand && somothercommand
    the ampersand characters “disappear” from the line.
    Is it just me?
    is it by design, ir is it some kind of parser bug?

  • @Rafał-Stanilewicz

    what means disappear? Got replaced with nothing? Or replace with space?
    Do you use a theme - could it be that shell language isn’t correctly ported?
    What if you double click into the area where the ampersands should be?
    Does something get selected? Can you copy it?
    Can you use default theme and see if the issue persist?
    If nothing helps, please provide a screenshot and the debug infos (? menu).


  • This sounds like a known issue with the SourceCode Pro font. Try switching to a different font.

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