Notepad++ Wine guidelines

  • So reading this community for a period of time, I recall seeing postings about running under Linux via Wine occasionally, and I ignored them for the most part (only a Windows user). Well… due to a change at work, now I’m a heavy Linux user. Thus I’d like to use my favorite text editor under Linux.

    Searching this Community’s past postings is pretty difficult, or maybe I just don’t know how to do it efficiently to find what I want. Thus, I’m asking, does anyone have or know of a set of guidelines (do’s/don’ts, tips/tricks, etc…anything really that is solid advice) for running Notepad++ on Linux under Wine, something that pulls together this stuff in one place?

    Sure I could do a 'net search and I have (so spare me the LMGTFY!), but I guess I’m looking for the best and most information, so I’m asking the experts here…

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    don’t have really a guide. Everything seems to work more or less.
    The more or less means you shouldn’t expect that rendering is done as smoothly as
    under windows itself. The core functionality (npp builtin functions) seems to work - didn’t have any issues yet.
    When it come to plugins I can only say that the ones I use do work.
    PythonScript, LuaScript, Compare, NppExec and XML Tools.

    Keyboard mapping might be a problem but depends on the linux version you use
    and as @gstavi (as far as I remember) once said, linux come in some many flavors
    it might be hard to compare.


  • One tip about font:
    Courier-New font is Microsoft propriety and not part of Linux. It can be imported into Linux but if you (or your employer) are paranoid regarding potential legal issues I recommend Cousine font.

    I use NPP version that I compile for myself with a few custom patches. It is based on an old revision. I did need to fix some things for Linux but at least some of them are already fixed in a latest NPP revision. For example modifying a file outside NPP would bring up the message back notification and cause a hang. ctrl-tab display was bad so I rewrote it.

    One thing that I am curious about is the DLL overrides section under winecfg. It looks like a promising opportunity to solve some remaining quirks but I couldn’t find a good guide about it and didn’t find the time to research it by myself.

  • @Claudia-Frank , @gstavi :

    Yes! These are the types of things I’m looking for. If two Linux experts have so few N++/Linux interaction reports, then I am encouraged.

    @Claudia-Frank , can you elaborate a little more about “keyboard mapping might be a problem”. I’m taking this to mean that maybe Linux or Wine does keymapping oddly when compared to Windows, so the marriage of N++ and Linux is a bit rocky in this regard…

    @gstavi, the Ctrl+Tab thing never worked right for me; even in Windows. Usually it would just hang N++. I guess it is not that way for everyone/most, otherwise it would have been fixed by now. I just ignore that feature, and remap Ctrl+Tab to something else so I never run that functionality.

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    Alan, I’m far away from being a linux expert - I started using Linux last year in September but
    used npp from day one on.
    Concerning keymappings, I’m using ChaletOS and LinuxLite. (Both are Ubuntu based derivates)
    I think that Ubuntu uses much more system-wide registered hotkeys which let to the issue
    that certain function in npp didn’t work as expected unless I figured out why?
    I remapped or disabled the ubuntu shortcuts and npp did what I expected again. :-)


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