Use NPP as a Diary/Journal?

  • I’m trying to keep a journal and I wondered if there were some simple things I could do to organize it.
    I’m hardly a developer or someone who even uses any “functions”, so I’m probably missing something very basic that everyone knows about.

    The only thing I thought of so far was to use “folder as workspace” and have one file per day.
    Still, any advice is appreciated.

  • @Cicida

    You might have a look at the “TakeNotes” plugin. Here’s the current information the Plugin Manager displays about it:

    TakeNotes is designed to help people who like to use Notepad++ for jotting quick notes. Instead of using unnamed "new ?" files, this plugins allows to quickly create new empty files in a folder of choice. The file names may be custom generated using a mask and may contain details such as the user name, date, and time of creation so that unique files may be generated. Additionally, the plugin allows to load exiting notes in the folder of choice, save existing files as a note, and open the last saved note quickly.

    I used to use TakeNotes, and it was fine, but one day I realized I used not very much functionality from it, and what I did use I could easily replicate in Pythonscript–so I did, and I no longer use the Plugin any more. But the Plugin is fine and I think it could meet your need.

    I use Notepad++ to keep a work journal, but I do it by the month rather than by the day or the week. For instance, I have a 2017_02.txt file that I record one month’s activity in. To separate days inside that file, I have a shortcut mapped to insert a line of text at my desired point in the file, like this:

    ============================== 2017-02-03 (Fri) ==============================

    Obviously, everything that I record after that line (and before the next such line) occurred on that day.

    Just telling what I do, you and others may have different and better ideas…good luck.

  • I think this is exactly what I’m looking for and if it turns out not to be then I’ll keep your last advice in mind.
    Thanks a lot.

  • @Scott-Sumner

    How did you create a shortcut to mapped that line of text for the date?

  • @akshay-wayne

    It appears that @Scott-Sumner used Pythonscript to create a little embedded program that will insert that. Pythonscripts can be bound to keystroke combinations.

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