Making categories for Lua scripts

  • I have a very large script file with many functions inside of it and it would be a really huge help if I could categorize things by being able to collapse them without turning the code into comments. For example:

    –[[Initial Functions–[[
    blah blah blah
    functions here and there
    stuff scripty things
    ]]–Initial Functions]]–

    I could collapse that and it would say “–[[Initial Functions–[[” on the collapsed section which is exactly what I need but all the code inside of it is commented. Is there a way to make collapsible sections without commenting all the code?


  • @Vile-Mushroom

    means you need to write your own lua lexer as a plugin
    and define some special comment as a folding point.
    Npp and scintilla can/should, from my point of view, only support the
    standard language syntax.