Search and replace with wildcards

  • I have read the wiki, but it’s so overwhelming when I see all the possibiities. For you maybe a simple solution:
    I want to remove strings of characters which all start with “sdval=” , but the next characters are all different, and the number of characters is not always the same.
    e.g. : sdval=“28076” or sdval=“2.17” both must be removed with the same search and replace action.

    Thank you for your help

  • @Corné-Haast

    are the quotes part of the real text, meaning
    is it sdval=“28076” or sdval=28076
    Comes something after this which is always the same? Maybe always a space?
    Must only the digits be replaced or sdval as well?


  • @Claudia-Frank Yes “” uncluded, and yes, there is always a space after it.

  • @Corné-Haast

    open find/replace dialog and check regular expressions. (bottom left)
    For find use:


    and for replace your value.

    The regex looks for sdval=" literally followed by any char until the next double quote appears.

    . = any char
    + = at least one char expected
    ? = non-greedy

    More infos how npps regex engine works can be found here.


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