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  • Hello,
    I have been using n++ for quite some time now, mainly for programming. I wanted to create two shortcuts to, ALT+D to be used as the HOME button and ALT+F to be used as the END button. However, whenever I press ALT, the menu on the top tries to match the combination to its selection. Is there a way to disable the top menu shortcuts and make the ALT+key shortcuts viable?
    Thanks for replies.

  • Your problem is with ALT+F specifically and not with ALT+key in general.
    Each item in the main menu has an ALT+letter shortcut, the letters are indicated by underline. This is how traditional Windows applications work.
    AFAIK, these can not be overridden.
    For me ALT+D works, it is a shortcut to DSpellCheck plugin.

  • The ALT+F is not the only problematic combination. The others (including alt+d) do work, but windows still tries to open the appropriate top menu and when no selection is matched, it plays a windows beep.

  • @Jakub-Svoboda

    it plays a windows beep.

    why not disabling the sound by using windows sound applet?


  • You can try using a third party macro program like autohotkeys to trap alt+d and convert it to home.

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