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  • I’m starting to learn Perl and trying to use Notepad++ to edit a script and then run it. Strawberry Perl is installed. How can I set up a Run shortcut to run the current script? The best I could find on Google was a fairly confused video ( which recommended cmd /k c:\all\Prog\Strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe “(FULL CURRENT PATH).” This means I would have to change the command each time I changed the file address. Which doesn’t seem right.

    While on the subject, is there a way to edit or view an existing Run shortcut?

  • @Robert-Shiffman said:

    The video you referenced is actually pretty good as far as the pure mechanics of setting it up go. You are missing a $ in front of (FULL_CURRENT_PATH) in your post; it should be $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH). That part is the “magic” which allows you NOT to have to change anything to run different .pl files that you edit with Notepad++, contrary to what you said about “change the command each time…”.

    You can find the text of the existing commands of the Run menu in the shortcuts.xml file. It’s location can vary depending upon your Notepad++ install; easiest way to find it the first time is probably a search for it.

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