Help with modifying .ini Language / Comment Lines

  • I have what is likely a very basic question, but I have been unable to figure out.

    My usage:

    Language: MS ini file (standard .ini config files)
    Comment Lines: # and !

    Goal: To remove ! from being used as a Comment Line

    • I would like to continue using # for comment lines; but not !

    I like how the Style Configurator has options to make comment lines show as italic font and with different colour for those lines. This is what I would like to continue working for the # comment lines but I simply want to be able to modify the language capability so that lines starting with ! do not show up as comment lines specifically for these .ini files.

    I have spent several hours over the past few days looking through the Notepad++ language files, specifically within the .ini file sections trying to understand how the languages work within Notepad++ but this modifying of language functionality is beyond my knowledge at the moment.

    Thank you for your time.

  • @WildByDesign

    this is part of the lexer which is hardcoded and cannot, as of now, be modified
    through setting changes.


  • @Claudia-Frank Thank you for confirming.

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