Recorded Macro Not Working

  • I have been using NP++ for a while - and primarily to “massage” text files so I can import them into Excel. I had been running v7.3.2 and ran into a problem and wanted to see if anyone else was getting it.

    I recorded a macro that highlights the first 20 lines of a text file - then deletes them. When I Playback the recorded macro - it only removes the FIRST LETTER OF THE FIRST WORD in the file. I’m quite perplexed at this. I just upgraded to v7.3.3 and it is still happening.

    Has anyone run into this issue? If so - how did you fix it?


  • @Chrissy-Morrison-Graham

    How did you record the macro?
    Can you post what is inside shortcuts.xml file?
    (Which is either in you installation directory or under %APPDATA%\notepad++)


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