.htaccess Backup Failed

  • When i make changes on .htaccess files and save, notepad++ throws popup error

    File Backup Failed
    The previous version of the file could not be saved into the backup directory at “C:\Users\abc\Doocuments\not.htaccess.bak”.

    Other files is being saved fine, i also run as administrator the notepad++.

    win10 x64
    notepad++ v7.3.3 x64

    it wasnt doing this, started almost a month ago (before v.7.3.3 update)

    i know windows dont like files without a name like ‘.htaccess’, but this wasnt happenning several months ago.

    What can i do to fix this ?

  • @Tolga-Kaçmaz

    What if you save the file manually and make a change afterwards?
    Does it work again? (if you didn’t change backup frequency it should create a backup after 7 seconds)
    In addition, the file is called .htaccess?
    But the message looks like it is called not.htaccess!?


  • Sorry about the mixup error mesagge, cant c/p popup text.

    This error happens when i try to save manually, when i press ctrl+s, file is being saved, and the error pops up.

  • @Tolga-Kaçmaz

    if other files get saved in backup directory then you do not have a permission issue
    and filesystem seems to have no space issue.
    I would use procmon,
    set a filter for htaccess and see what is really going on.


  • Got this error as well, even when sharing the folder with EveryOne and allowing changes. The Backup folder is marked read-only, and there is also a problem removing that property.
    But no issue at all when running N++ as Admin - must be because my username (owner of folder) has admin credentials.

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