How do I run npp after building from source?

  • I was able to build scilexer.dll and notepad++.exe from source on Windows 10. I copied, scilexer.dll and scintilla.dll from their ‘bin’ directory to the Powereditor\bin directory. However after running notepad++.exe I get an error about loading certificates for scilexer.dll. I am guessing that this is due to the v7.3.3 fix. However, in general, how do I run notepad++.exe if I have built it in the ‘unicode debug’ or ‘unicode release’ configuration. I have been regularly using notepad++ in Windows for a while and would like to contribute to the code if possible. Apologies if this is not the right place for these questions, in that case, please point me in the right direction. Thanks.

  • I get an error about loading certificates for scilexer.dll

    Yes I got this as well. For now you will have to use an official SciLexer.dll file that comes from one of the Notepad++ downloads of v7.3.3

    Hopefully this will change soon as there is some work being done to have the SciLexer linked statically instead of dynamically.

    in general, how do I run notepad++.exe

    Just pressing F5 from visual studios is enough. Just keep in mind each debug/release and 32/64 bit variant runs from a different location so you have to make sure there is an appropriate SciLexer in each directory.

  • Thanks. I will give that a try. I was not sure if I should have the released version installed on the same machine on which I am building from source.

  • Looking at this.
    I guess you should edit isCertificateValidated to always return true.

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