How to compare files?

  • Previous versions appear to have had this capability. Can’t find any mention of it now. How can one compare two versions of a file and have the differences highlighted? thanks!

  • It’s the Compare Plugin, currently at v2.0.0, which is available thru the Plugin Manager, or from the download link in this post from the developer.

    Plugins > Compare is the menu, and Plugins > Compare > Compare will actually perform the comparison. I’m not sure, but I think it may have changed its keyboard shortcuts from the old v1.5.5 – if so, that might explain why you couldn’t find it… but since I never memorized the old shortcuts, I don’t know for sure. The toolbar icons look like the following, where I’ve selected the “Compare” button, which actually performs the comparison:
    (I have selected Settings > Preferences > General > Toolbar > ☑ Standard icons; if your settings are different, the icons may appear different as well)

  • Hi,

    The default shortcut for Compare command in v2.0.0 is Ctrl-Alt-C.
    In previous versions it used to be Alt-D but since Alt-something is the Windows way to access the menu the shortcut was changed.


  • I tried installing the compare plug-in and after auto-restart the compare plug-in was still not there. So next time I did a manual restart and it worked.

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