Closing all tabs prior to starting editor

  • I opened a couple of massive text files with extremely long lines that are crushing Notepad++ (to the point of unusable, had to kill it).

    I also have it set to automatically open previously opened documents on start.

    So now I’m kind of stuck. Is there a way (hacky or not) to erase the list of previously opened documents from outside of Notepad++ prior to starting it? Windows 7.

  • @Jason-C

    start npp with the -nosession command line parameter


  • If you are not familiar with DOS command line:
    Click on the start icon and type “Command” in the search.
    Click on Command Line. (A program atop your list.)
    In the command line type:
    This will get you to the C: prompt.
    then type:
    cd Program Files (x86)\Notepad++
    Then type:
    notepad++ -nosession

  • That should be

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