Automatically Insert Tags?

  • When we use the " mark in Notepad++, it immediately adds another " at the end, so that we can immediately start inputting text in between the two quotation marks. Is there anyway we can format Notepad++ to also do this for <p>, <div>, and other tags?

    Maybe so that by clicking Ctrl+P, Notepad++ inputs an opening and closing <p> tag?

    Much thanks.

  • Hello mattr,

    May be, I misunderstand you, but since the N++ v6.5, this feature seems available !

    Just select the menu option Settings - Preferences - Auto-Completion and check the option html/xml close tag

    Then, for instance, as soon as you typed the closing > character of the form <p>, in a html file, it adds, automatically, the string </p>, with the cursor between the two tags, for typing text. Nice, isn’t it ?



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