How to Uninstall "Npp Xml Treeview" plugin?

  • Hello,

    I recently installed the Npp Xml Treeview plugin using the Plugin Manager and would like to uninstall it since I will not be able to use it. When I select the Installed tab in the Plugin Manager, the Npp Xml Treeview plugin is not listed so it cannot be uninstalled. If I click the Updates tab, it is listed there stating that the installed version is and the available version is So I figured I would try updating it which appears to be successful. After restarting Notepad++, I go back into the Plugin Manager and find that the plugin is still listed on the Updates tab with current version of and available version of

    How can I get this plugin uninstalled?

    Thanks for your advice,

  • Never mind…I found the dll files in the plugins subdirectory of the notepad++ installation path and deleted them.

  • See, there was a bug in the dll version reported by the plugin dll.

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