Opened Npp, blank, new screen, all settings gone... again!

  • So frustrated. Been using Npp for years but switched to portable version last year (via PortableApps Launcher) and have had this issue more than once now. After tweaking everything the way I want, and creating multiple sessions, each containing 10-15 docs, I opened Npp just now and all I see is the new 1 screen, everything’s disappeared, and all my settings in the PortableApps Npp subdirectories seem to have been overwritten to their default values. This has happened multiple times now over the past year (will work fine for a few months, than bam, happens again).

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Cheers and thanks in advance…

  • @Scott-Nabors


    Maybe ask at PortableApps forum what their launcher does


    Use zipped npp version from notepad++ homepage.


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