unable to find and replace quotation mark

  • Hello,

    I have many html files that have the wrong style quotation.

    Wrong quotation:
    Correct quotation: "

    As you see, there is a difference in style. Here they are side by side: ” "

    How do I replace all ” with the standard looking quotation " in Notepad++?


  • @Paul-Nemer

    open find in files dialog put your terms in, create a filter for your files
    choose a start directory maybe include subdirectories and do replace all.


  • Thanks for the reply Claudia, but I am a bit confused on the filters.

    Find what: ” (curved quotation mark)
    Replace: " (straight quotation mark)
    Filters: . (What do I put in filters?)

    Normally, I know how to use the find and replace field, I do it to an entire directory filled with thousands of files, no problem. But it doesn’t seem to work for the quotation marks.


  • @Paul-Nemer and @Claudia-Frank

    I think the difficulty may come in because Paul doesn’t know how to get the “wrong” quotation mark into the Find-what box. Indeed, if you merely type it manually into the box, it may actually be the desired quotation mark there, so a find on it could potentially find nothing. So Paul would be left with his original, undesired data.

    What I would do in such a situation is make a selection out of the undesired quotation mark, then invoke the Find dialog box. At this point, Notepad++ would put the undesired quotation mark in the Find-what box, and I could easily type the desired quotation mark version in the Replace-with box. Then either doing a prompted replace action or a replace-all action would complete the task.

  • @Scott-Sumner
    Hi Scott,

    I copied the curved quotation mark (undesired quotation) and pasted it in the “find” field. and I am able to locate it no problem in a specific file. However, I am unable to replace it with the straight quotation mark. I have many html files with the wrong quotation marks that i want to replace.

  • @Paul-Nemer

    may you explain in detail what you do?
    Maybe a screenshot could be helpful as well.
    If you upload the screenshot to a hoster like imgur you
    could embed it into the post when using the following syntax

    ![](web address of the image like www.imgur.com/myimage.png)


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